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Geeshie Wiley

Geeshie Wiley was an American country blues singer and guitar player who recorded six songs for Paramount Records, issued on three records in April 1930. According to the blues historian Don Kent, Wiley "may well have been the rural South's greatest female blues singer and musician". Little is known of her life, and there are no known photographs of her. She may have been born Lillie Mae Boone, later Lillie Mae Scott... Read More

Birth nameLillie Mae Boone (possible)
Also known asLillie Mae Scott
Lillie Mae Wiley
BornNovember 14, 1908
Louisiana, U.S. (possible)
DiedJuly 29, 1950 (aged 41)
Texas, U.S. (possible)
GenresBlues, country blues
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter


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